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Fig. 2

From: Non-randomness of the anatomical distribution of tumors

Fig. 2

Anatomical site distribution of different types of breast tumors (Morris & Kwong, 2004). Note that almost all types of tumors occur most frequently in the upper outer quadrant (UOQ) with the exception of Paget’s disease (PD) which corresponds to nipple cancer. UIQ = upper inner quadrant, LIQ = lower inner quadrant and LOQ = lower outer quadrant. DC = ductal carcinoma, LC = lobular carcinoma, DLC = ductal lobular carcinoma, CC = comedocarcinoma, MMA = mucinous and mucin-producing adenocarcinoma, MC = medullary carcinoma, IC = inflammatory carcinoma, TC = tubular carcinoma, and PA = papillary adenocarcinoma

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